URL Rotator

URL Rotator


Tell  URL Rotator what web pages you want to advertise. Then our system will keep a list of all the URL addresses you have entered.

FREE Members can add up to 3 Website addresses, or 3 different Webpages on your own site, or maybe 3 different Affiliate offers, it`s up to you!

Step (1) Copy and paste your URLs into the URL Rotator tool.

Step (2) After pasting in your five URLs, just click on the Submit Button and let the URL Rotator do its magic!.

Step (3) After a few seconds you will be presented with personal Rotator URL which you can use to promote your URLs.

Advertise one single URL address!. When visitors access the URL, URL Rotator will automatically direct them to one of the web pages you've chosen to advertise.

That's ALL there is to it! Just think of all that extra time you'll be able to enjoy from this point on!

And because the entire URL Rotator process is completely transparent to the viewer, NO ONE will even know you're using a rotator!


Url Rotator