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Free Banner Rotator Code you can create your own free banner rotator with banners. Plug-in your image and click addresses into our creator then paste it into your page, it can be used on any website. Enter any click-through address that you like, you can use banners of any size or even different sizes. Included is the option to open the click-through addresses into the same window or a new window. The free banner rotator code uses Javascript just like the professional ad serving companies and even includes a default banner for browsers that may have javascript disabled so your banner will always be shown. The code will work on any website, especially free ones that don't really offer many features no special coding skills are required. The rotation occurs each time the page is loaded or refreshed. You can make your own custom banners using our free banner creator, save them to your computer to use with our free banner rotator code.
Free Banner Rotator Code

Instructions and Use

  1. To use the banner rotator you will need some banners. You can use your existing banners or create some yourself online using our banner creator. Free users can use the banner rotator to rotate up to 3 banners of any size and any image format such as gif's, png's, jpg's, bmp's, etc.
  2. Upload them to your webspace and note the address of each one.
  3. Enter the address of each one into the creator then enter the address you want the person to be sent to when they click on it.
  4. Enter the alt text which is the text that pops up when you mouseover the image, for example, Click Here! or whatever you like.
  5. Enter the height and width of the image.
  6. Check the box if you want borders around them and check the target box if you want a new window to open when they click.
  7. Click the Generate button and copy the code from the box.
  8. Paste the free banner creator code onto your page wherever you want them to be displayed.

Live Example

Here is the free banner rotator code in action, keep refreshing this page to see the banners rotate. There 5 different styles and sizes to demonstrate the versatility of the code.

Enter Banner Images, URLs and Sizes

BIU = Banner Image URL, the web address of the image in any format: gif, png, jpg, bmp, etc.
CTU = Click-Through URL, the page you are sent to when you click the banner.
ALT = the text that pops up when you mouseover the banner.
Height = the height of the image in pixels.
Width = the width of the image in pixels.


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